Preserve the territory’s culture

The transformation of grape into wine is a delicate process that needs respect for the vine variety and the land. I like compare the cellar to a theatre where an actor tries to find the authentic voice of a character, in the same way the grape finds out the authentic voice of this land. My role is to accompany, to naturally follow this process.



Come visit us, we will guide you through the vineyards and our cellar; we will share with you the passion we have for our territory and work. Vine care, wine making and bottling, you will be able to see our way of being vintners.

The cellar tour is very important to us; it is a chance to get closer with the people who appreciate this work and with those who are “behind” the wine glass. Therefore we made different offers available for you. You can choose whether to join the full course, including the vineyard tour (1 hour approx.) or to join only the tasting. Wine tastings as well are available in different packages, just pick up the most intriguing for you.

The full course starts for the vine and the soil, nutrition that, along with water and climate, gives to the grape unique characteristics. Walking through the vineyard is astonishing in every season: The winter rest, which makes every twisted log visible, the spring rebirth with its first buds, the abundance of summer and finally the harvest in autumn. We then get to wine making rooms where modern technologies and ancient knowledge meet up to obtain a unique wine. The tour continues as you get to the new barrel room of barriques and tonneaux, where the wine rests.

Finally the fundamental moment in the encounter with wine, the tasting.

Visitors will be guided by the owners Giorgia and Costantino and by their family story of passion for the viticulture that drove to the birth of Casale Cento Corvi.

As you make your reservation you can choose whether to join the full course, including the tour at the vineyard, or only the tasting and indicate the number of participants.

As you make your reservation you can also request a guided tour in English.

At an additional cost you can request a guided tour in other languages as well.

We do not provide transportation to the vineyard, to the cellar and to the production area.


First Step

A simple course to familiarize with Casale Cento Corvi: Taste of four wines with local bread and Casale Cento Corvi made extra virgin olive oil.

1 hour (vineyards tour not included)
Tasting of 4 wines


Wine meets food

This land’s history: Taste and typical foods.

A tasting course that aims to highlight Casale Cento Corvi’s wines in combination with food. A gustative tour, within the territory of Cerveteri, in which 6 wines meet up with local food products such as cheeses accompanied by red and white wine gelatin.

During the taste the extra virgin olive oil of Casale Cento Corvi will be served as well.
(reservation of at least 4 working days in advance is required)


1 hour (vineyards tour not included)
Tasting of 6 wines


Want it all

A complete overview of Casale Cento Corvi’s production

If you don’t want to miss anything, this is the tour for you. This is an opportunity to taste all our wines including the Giacchè.

In addition, local bread along with Casale Cento Corvi produced extra virgin olive oil, local cheeses with giacchè marmelade and local salami.

(4 days in advance reservation is required)

2 hours (visit to the vineyards not included)
Testing of 10 wines


Giacchè and time: wine tasting of 3 vintages in vertical line.

Taste course focused on Giacchè, ancient vine variety, and on its meaningful relationship with time. Traditional cheeses will be served as well.

This tasting course needs a minimum number of 4 participants and a reservation of at least 1 working day in advance.

1 hour (vineyard visit is not included)
Tasting of 3 vintages


Enoteca Casale Cento Corvi

Wine house Casale Cento Corvi

For who may not be interested in visiting the cellar but just want to purchase wines, oil, grappa or jams. Visit our wine house, staff would be pleased to help and advice you in your choice.

Business hours:
Mon – Sat 9.00 – 13.00 / 16.00 – 19.00



If this is your first wine tasting, here are a few advices for you:

  • Avoid chewing gums or candies before or during the wine tasting;
  • Do not smoke before the wine tasting;
  • Avoid perfumes and lipsticks;
  • Pets may not have access to the cellar but they are welcome at our reception area.


At the moment of the reservation the client expressly accepts the following conditions:

  • All the services are provided upon reservation.
  • Services are provided every weekday.
  • For everything concerning the service hours we ask you to contact the reservation center in order to meet your requests.
  • Customers under the age of 16 cannot join the wine tasting.
  • All the prices shall be read as per person and including taxes.
  • All participants should show up at least 15 minutes prior to the activity scheduled time.
  • Reservation is required for all the activities. You may call Casale Cento Corvi or send an email to
  • At the moment of reservation, visitors are kindly requested to inform us about any food sensitivity or allergy. In case such info is not provided, we decline any responsibility.
  • Reservations must be confirmed through a direct reply by Casale Cento Corvi via email or telephone.
  • Any change or cancellation must be communicated at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled activity time. Changes/cancellations shall be communicated exclusively in written or by email.
  • For large groups, Casale Cento Corvi may ask for a deposit in order to guarantee at least the 50% of the activity price. The deposit will be retained in case of modification/cancellation done after the deadline of 24 hours prior to the scheduled activity time.

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