The word Zilath originates from an honorific office of the Etruscan people. It is made of this territory’s historical white vine variety Trebbiano and Malvasia. The little contribution of aromatic vine varieties enriches this wine of a deeper long-lasting taste/olfactory feeling.

Best served at 10°C to accompany fanciful appetizers, fish and vegetable dishes.



A fresh, fragrant wine, with a soft fruits and floral scent. Aromatized by the tannin and supported by an interesting and important acidity.

Ideal to accompany meat or tomato sauce dishes. Served at a temperature of 16°C matches perfectly with white meat and poultry meat.



This wine is named after an amusement of Etruscan’s symposiums which consisted in hitting a dish or a vase with wine remained on the bottom of the Kylix. Casale Cento Corvi Kottabos has an internationally widespread vine variety base: the Chardonnay.

The must ferments inside small oak barrels for 40/45 days. The must will blend with the noble flavor of the wood providing the wine with roasting nuances and intensifying its scent. Best to be served at 12°C in combination with white meat entrees and oily fish dishes.



Il Merlot,vitigno migrante, coltivato sulle colline tufacee ceretane gode di un microclima che ne esalta le caratteristiche garantendo un giusto equilibrio per la realizzazione di un vino morbido ed elegante.
Viene affinato in carati di rovere francese.
Servito ad una temperatura di 16°C si  abbina armonicamente a primi a base di erbe di campo e a piatti a base di agnello


Malvasia Puntinata is one of the most widespread vine varieties of the region. Mostly used in the past to blend and add scent to rather neutral vines, in our wine it becomes absolute protagonist with almond nuances and a strong taste taken from the soil.

Good for appetizers, white meat entrées, seafood and fish dishes. Best served at 12°C.



Our Rose’ is produced with red grape grow on espalier. Grape is processed in white and marc gets pressed softly in order to guarantee a passage of colors that will give the wine an interesting rosé shade.

It results lively thanks to a little natural carbonic emission released during the fermentation that, along with the freshness of this wine, makes it even more tasteful.

Fruity and acidic it well combines with fish appetizers.

To be served at 5°C/6°C.



Popular name of an ancient local vine variety wisely reproduced, it represents the maximum expression of an ancient territory highly suitable for the viticulture. In the past this vine variety was only used to blend. Very low outputs, difficult vinification, an intense color, its typical scent and particular structure caused a complete abandon in favor of less qualitative but more productive vine varieties, more suitable for market. Today, rescued the remained plants on the territory, a work of re-implantation has started leading to the re-birth of this old vine variety.

A deep study of this plant let us understand that it comes from the Lambrusco, father of the most important red vine varieties.

At a temperature of 16°C it is ideal to be served along with dishes of big structure such as game and cheese.



The throttling of the shoot makes the aging on plant possible, concentrating every potential at the maximum extent, especially for its aromatic characteristics. Vinification is done in steel under controlled temperature. It develops an incredible vigor and its scent evocates the strength of an ancient territory. Best matches with cheese, especially soft cheeses, foie gras in red fruits sauces or with dry pastry. To be served at 14°C.




As the first experimentation of pure Trebbiano had been forgotten, this wine has been named Lo Scordato (in Italian language meaning “the forgotten”). Once the pure Trebbiano had been rediscovered it positively impressed and persuaded to repeat step by step all the process that brought to the glass such a seductive wine.

Pure Trebbiano, selected in the vineyard, worked with great care and attention, fermented on American wood and left on its own fine lees for 12 months in 500 liters tonneau.

Best if served with fat fishes, seafood and soft cheeses.

Should be served at 13°C.



A vine variety that matches very well the characteristics of the territory and its maritime microclimate. Processed in steel, with a brilliant color, with wildflowers and white almonds scent. Its taste is pleasurably fresh and rich. Very appreciated as appetizer it matches very well with fish entrées and shellfish.

Best if served at a temperature of 11°C.



This is a project rather than a wine. La Nostra Scelta (meaning in Italian language “our choice”) is the best selection of our cellar. For the last two years it has been the Violone (local name of the Montepulciano). Processed in steel, honed in chestnut barrels and kept in bottle for at least 6 months. Best served along with red meat and aged cheeses.