Casale Cento Corvi – English

An ancient history of wine, Etruscans and sea

Brushed by the sea breeze and protected by the hills behind the winery, our vineyards are located on ideal spots of the territory of Cerveteri where every vine benefits from position and exposure.


The 16 hectares of the winery lay on the municipality of Cerveteri, 40 Km from Rome, in a place where nature and history weave together creating unique landscapes. The Etruscans made Cerveteri, previously known as Kaysra, or Caere among the Romans, a metropolis of fundamental importance, a pole of the ancient Mediterranean maritime routes. Etruscans also liked the territory and the vine that we keep preserving today.


Our tradition of vintners is three generations long. Our father Fiorenzo Collacciani, in the year 2001, decided to “bottle” the work done in the vineyards by uncle Etterino back in the years. He strongly believed, and still believes, in our land that, volcanic and clayish at the same time, offers a perfect bed out for the vine.


Casale Cento Corvi, roots of a name

The cellar takes name from an old farmhouse built by the Orsini Family around the year 1400 upon an ancient Etruscan temple located on the way between Cerveteri and Pyrgi. The farmhouse, originally a granary, attracted the crows, Corvi in Italian language, and this is why the granary and the area around are called “Cento Corvi”, hundred crows.